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Thunder buddies for life

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Isn't it always ironic how the ones who swore they would never hurt you are actually the ones who silently walk you to your demise hand in hand and step by step. Those are the true silent killers that nobody dare speaks about. You found me in my pieces like belongings sprawled across a highway after an accident. Every bit of me was somewhere it wasn't supposed to be. Like a magnet, you connected each and every piece without blinking an eye. With zero hesitation you started to mend and repair every broken part in my life while simultaneously reminding me that I was worthy. Placing each jaded edge in the perfect position and filling the empty space with a golden glue. Connecting each piece like it was a puzzle, and after a few months I was put back together. Before I knew it you embraced me in my chaos and for a split second I was free to be myself, the innocence i once lost seemed to resurface. Whole heartily because at the end of the day I knew that you were going to be there to catch me without judgment. He became my life preserver, the guiding force that kept me grounded when nothing else could. The one person in this entire universe that knew me better than I knew myself.  Which if you think about it, is really quite terrifying. I have a hard time accepting things I cannot control so this wasn't any exception. Searching for my life preserver trying not to drown. The water started welling up and my stomach dropped. I sat there as the hot salty mix continued to pour out of my eyes.  It wasn't one of those ugly cries that you see in rom com's when the girl starts hysterically crying. More of a slow but steady release of the inevitable. Every tear that came out was my own metaphorical way of saying goodbye. This one hurt extra, not only was i saying goodbye to a relationship in my life but i was also saying goodbye to my best friend. Siting there watching the rain trickle down the window , i couldn't help but think how cliché this weather was.