That Music Magazine » Local Boys Make Good

Written by By Killian O’Neil Photos by Mark Franzen Dry Reef is something of pure alchemy. This band continues its journey beyond adolescence and into adulthood. The best way to explain their sound is if Explosions In The Sky had a baby with Lotus, then somehow Rebulation got sprinkled on top. I know that’s a bit of a mind-blowing thought, but it’s true. In 2019, Dry Reef was introduced to me, and in August 2022 I got the opportunity to see them perform live at Ardmore Music Hall. They left su

That Music Magazine » My Chemical Romance Returns to Philadelphia

It had been 11 years since My Chemical Romance played Philadelphia, which was quite evident when the MCRMY had shown up by the thousands. The emo scene in the mid-00s understood the magnitude of what was in store for the evening, and they came. It was a sold-out show at the Wells Fargo Center on Monday night. Every single person was acting as if it was Christmas morning. That evening, electricity was in the air, quickly permeating the arena. Finally, it was happening after all this time; it only

That Music Magazine » Show Review: Third Eye Blind and Taking Back Sunday @The Mann

Alternative Rock has been a staple for so many people throughout the years. It has evolved into the comfort food of music from where I stand. So it wasn’t surprising that Taking Back Sunday and Third Eye Blind were going back on the road together for the “Summer of Gods Tour”. As a music lover and a huge TBS fan, I made it a point to see them this go around. It was mainly because I hadn’t missed a show from them in almost 15 years and had not seen them since before the pandemic. Doors opened at

That Music Magazine » Alicia Keys; The Queen, The Myth, The Legend Live @The Met

Seeing someone doing exactly what they’re put on this earth to do is a rare and beautiful thing. Alicia Keys is no exception to that statement; she has become an icon and inspiration to many worldwide. It’s one thing to listen to her in the studio, but seeing her live is an entirely different story. I got the extreme pleasure of witnessing Ms. Keys’ performance last Sunday at the Met in Philadelphia. The only natural way to summarize what I saw was comparable to a biblical experience. Genuinely

That Music Magazine » Avril Lavigne’s ‘Love Sux’ shows that pop-punk is back with a vengeance

It’s been over two decades and the lyrics: “he was a boy and she was a girl / can I make it any more obvious? / He was a punk and she did ballet / what more can I say?” have been living rent-free in my head, as well as every other girl for the last twenty years. The song, “Sk8er Boi,” was the anthem of every girl in the early 00s, which was released off of Avril Lavigne‘s debut album Let Go in 2002, which has sold over 16 million copies to date and has made the album the best-selling album of th

That Music Magazine » Alternative rock band, Alt-J, unveils their psychedelic album, ‘The Dream,’ out now

There is something to be said about when you listen to a record and each time it makes you feel differently. Alt-J has skillfully done just that with their newest album, The Dream. If you don’t know who Alt-J is, they are a three-piece band from the United Kingdom, to be exact, which consists of Joe Newman on guitar and lead vocals, Thom Sonny Green on drums, and last, but not least, Gus Unger-Hamilton on keys. They have released three studio albums and this will be their fourth. In addition,

That Music Magazine » Emo/post-hardcore bands/artists, Thursday, Cursive, The Appleseed Cast, and Nate Bergman sell out Underground Arts

Have you ever been to a show that blew your mind? Not for the fact that it was your favorite band, but because each and every musician that played was simply incredible. It’s a rarity finding that, especially these days. Luckily the music gods blessed me with this last week. Tucked away on 1200 Callowhill Street is Underground Arts, one of Philadelphia’s hidden gems, as far as venues go. Personally, it’s one of my favorite venues due to the fact that it has such an intimate and cozy setting. If

That Music Magazine » Philadelphia’s Trinidadian R&B artist, NIA, is ready to take on Philly and the world with her music

Everyone has a story to tell in multiple ways; some through acting, others through writing, and my favorite, the stories that are told through music. Philadelphia musician, NIA, is no different from spinning her craft of telling a story with her lyrics. NIA is a smooth R&B artist that reminds me of something that would be playing in the late nineties. She was raised in Queens, New York, with her Trinidadian parents, but now resides in the City of Brotherly love, Philadelphia. She began to activ

That Music Magazine » Bayside, Senses Fail, & Hawthorne Heights deliver a dynamic, thrilling ’21 Years of Bad Luck’ show in Philly

It had been 572 days since I had been to a real concert since the pandemic hit. Yeah, I’ve seen some acoustic sets and “drive-in” shows but nothing like I was about to witness. It had been over a year and a half that I was able to be amongst people belting out lyrics, at the top of my lungs, getting lost in the music. Not only was it my first show back, but my fourteen-year-old self was freaking out because I was on my way to see Hawthorne Heights, Senses Fail, and Bayside for their 21 Years of

That Music Magazine » Rising pop star, Heavenly Reyna, releases new acoustic track, “Exit,” out now

For many people, living in more than one country would be a dream come true, but for Heavenly Reyna it was her reality. Heavenly was brought up in a “digital nomad family” and growing up in a “digital nomad family,” plus living in 48 different countries has not only shaped her as a human being but as a musician too. Last year, Heavenly went viral on both TikTok and Twitch, and recently released her newest song “Exit,” acoustically this past July. I was lucky enough to catch up with her and pick

That Music Magazine » Frank Iero and The Future Violents drop ‘Heaven Is a Place, This Is a Place’ EP out now

New Jersey native, Frank Iero, has been echoed around the music industry for years. Iero, who is primarily known for his success as guitarist from My Chemical Romance, has continued to pursue his love of music. He is a man of many talents and has really showcased that with his latest EP that was just released this past January, Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place. with his band Frank Iero and the Future Violents. In 2016, Iero embarked on his solo career only a few short years after My Chemical

That Music Magazine » Ska veterans, Less Than Jake, unveil new record, ‘Silver Linings’

Whenever I listen to new music there is a specific way I go about doing so. Being a writer I have always listened to music from the outside in. What I mean by that is starting from the lyrics and working my way inward. Saying I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I’m not sure if it has to do with the catchy melodies or the blunt lyrics but Silver Linings did it for me. A few songs jumped out at me, but the first song that hit me and peaked my attention was “The High Cost of Low Livin

That Music Magazine » Hardcore rock band The Used release a solid effort with 8th LP ‘Heartwork’

Anyone who’s a music lover is always searching for that next album; the record you can play on over and over and never get sick of. Heartwork is exactly that. The Used has made a masterpiece of their eighth full-length studio album with longtime friend and producer, John Feldmann. Feldmann signed The Used to Reprise Records back in 2002 and is responsible for producing their self-titled album as well as Maybe Memories, In Love and Death, and many more. Feldmann and The Used have a chemistry tha

That Music Magazine » Frontside prepares for upcoming EP Closer To Closure due out February

Twelve years ago, somewhere in the sacred lands of North Carolina, three guys decided to form a band and “create music that would not only be catchy for any listener but would also satiate their urge to add a more technically impressive dimension to their songs.” That band is known today as Frontside. Two weeks ago, if somebody asked me “Have you heard of Frontside!?”, my response would have been “like the way you do a skate trick?”. Now the answer would be a tad different. For a girl like me w