That Music Magazine » Frank Iero and The Future Violents drop ‘Heaven Is a Place, This Is a Place’ EP out now

New Jersey native, Frank Iero, has been echoed around the music industry for years. Iero, who is primarily known for his success as guitarist from My Chemical Romance, has continued to pursue his love of music. He is a man of many talents and has really showcased that with his latest EP that was just released this past January, Heaven Is A Place, This Is A Place. with his band Frank Iero and the Future Violents. In 2016, Iero embarked on his solo career only a few short years after My Chemical

That Music Magazine » Ska veterans, Less Than Jake, unveil new record, ‘Silver Linings’

Whenever I listen to new music there is a specific way I go about doing so. Being a writer I have always listened to music from the outside in. What I mean by that is starting from the lyrics and working my way inward. Saying I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I’m not sure if it has to do with the catchy melodies or the blunt lyrics but Silver Linings did it for me. A few songs jumped out at me, but the first song that hit me and peaked my attention was “The High Cost of Low Livin

That Music Magazine » Hardcore rock band The Used release a solid effort with 8th LP ‘Heartwork’

Anyone who’s a music lover is always searching for that next album; the record you can play on over and over and never get sick of. Heartwork is exactly that. The Used has made a masterpiece of their eighth full-length studio album with longtime friend and producer, John Feldmann. Feldmann signed The Used to Reprise Records back in 2002 and is responsible for producing their self-titled album as well as Maybe Memories, In Love and Death, and many more. Feldmann and The Used have a chemistry tha

That Music Magazine » Frontside prepares for upcoming EP Closer To Closure due out February

Twelve years ago, somewhere in the sacred lands of North Carolina, three guys decided to form a band and “create music that would not only be catchy for any listener but would also satiate their urge to add a more technically impressive dimension to their songs.” That band is known today as Frontside. Two weeks ago, if somebody asked me “Have you heard of Frontside!?”, my response would have been “like the way you do a skate trick?”. Now the answer would be a tad different. For a girl like me w